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TRX Suspension Training: Add Strength and Flexibility to Your Routine


TRX is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to build strength and flexibility, and for good reason. TRX was invented by former US Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, who wanted to keep in top shape when he was in the field. The TRX Suspension Training system is a portable, lightweight unit, made from heavy-duty nylon webbing that attaches to a fixed anchor such as a door, a tree, or an outdoor swing (a permanent installation is not required).

Resistance Training

The TRX Canada Suspension Trainingsystem uses your own bodyweight with ‘resistance’ exercises. Resistance is a very low-impact form of strength training, which makes the TRX perfect for anyone, in any physical condition. Balance and agility are required for resistance exercises, and these skills are developed progressively in TRX fitness training programs. Exercise routines based on resistance training can result in increased power and agility, and reduced risk of injury in all your physical activities.

Because of its portability, low impact, and focus on muscular endurance, TRX is the ideal strength training solution for runners, swimmers, triathletes, cyclists, cross-country skiers, and endurance athletes of all types. TRX Suspension Training resistance routines typically incorporate high repetition, low weight exercises, which are perfect for building power and agility, and increasing your muscles’ ability to withstand fatigue.

TRX for Athletes

The cyclists on Team RadioShack Nissan Trek, and many other top professional athletes, are using TRX as a key element in their training routine. Injury prevention is a key selling point for top athletes. According to elite-level physical therapist Chris Nentarz, TRX “will enhance stability and core strength, ultimately improving the foundation from which cyclists generate and sustain their power". 

The portability of the TRX Suspension Training system is another key benefit for pro athletes, who need to keep up their training routine when they travel to compete. Even mountain bikers see the benefits of TRX. James Wilson, owner of MTB Strength Training Systems, says that using a TRX “allows you to take exercise that you have grown strong on and add a degree of instability, which increases the core and body control demands”.

TRX Suspension Training Models

There are three models from TRX to choose from. The most popular model is the TRX Pro Kit, which includes the TRX Suspension Trainer, a door anchor for attaching the TRX to any door, a carrying case, a 65-minute workout DVD, and a 35-page workout guide. The TRX Canada Rip Trainer utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a simple method for adding rotational movements to your TRX training program. The Rip Trainer and Pro Kit can be purchased together in a bundle.

TRX Pro KitTRX Rip Trainer

The TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical is the military version of the TRX Pro Kit, but it can be used by anybody. It has everything that is included with the TRX Pro Kit, but it comes in military green colours instead of black and yellow, and also includes an anchor Xtender. Instead of the basic training DVD, the TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical includes a 12-week comprehensive training program, and a waterproof and tearproof workout guide.

TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical

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