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The new Garmin Forerunner 10: perfect for the runners on your shopping list


This holiday season Garmin is introducing the Garmin Forerunner 10 — a very affordable, and very capable GPS watch for the runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts on your shopping list. Garmin did a great job at making this watch very easy to use, yet very versatile. The Forerunner 10 is available in 3 different color combinations, including pink and white, green and white, and black and red. 

The Forerunner 10 has a very handy run/walk feature, which is perfect for those just getting started with running.  This feature allows you to set a run duration, followed by a walk duration, and the Forerunner 10 will alert you when it is time to switch. Run/walk fitness programs have grown in popularity over the years, and are now commonly used by beginners training for their first marathon or half-marathon. 

There are a number of other exciting and useful functions included with the Garmin Forerunner 10, such as Virtual Pacer, Auto Pause, and Auto Lap. The Virtual Pacer compares your current pace to a target pace, to either motivate you to speed up, or remind you to slow down. Auto Pause automatically pauses the recording function when you are stopped, for example at a traffic light, and restarts when you start moving again. The Auto Lap feature records a marker at pre-determined distance intervals, as defined by you. With Auto Lap, for example, you can set markers for every kilometer, so that you can evaluate your progressive performance on Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect is a free online service provided by Garmin for monitoring and analyzing the data captured with your Garmin fitness devices. With Garmin Connect, you can view your running route on a map, view all your past runs on a calendar, analyze any given run, and share your best runs and routes with your friends. Connecting the Forerunner 10 to Garmin Connect is very simple, using the included USB connector and free software from Garmin.

Also, just in time for the holiday season, are the Garmin 610 multicolor watch, and the Garmin Forerunner 210 multicolor watch. The Forerunner 610 is available in white and blue with green highlights, and the Forerunner 210 is available in white and green with blue accents. The Forerunner 610 is one of the best-selling Garmin running models. It features touchscreen control, advanced training functions, heart rate, GPS based speed and distance, cycling support, vibration alert, and support for Garmin Connect. 

With the Christmas holiday season approaching, there is no better time to consider adding a Garmin Fitness product to your holiday shopping list, and to your personal wish list. Just in time for the holidays, Garmin has introduced new fitness products that are perfect for runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and calibers.

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