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Sean Young

Wahoo! The KICKR is the most fun you'll have in your basement.


If you enjoy training indoors on your bicycle and you are a technology buff, you will fall in love with the Wahoo Fitness KICKR. It is truly an amazing and elegant bike trainer, and it will take your training to a whole new level. 
Three things set the KICKR apart from any other trainer: Power (watts), Bluetooth, and ANT+. In addition, it is very quiet and incredibly simple to setup and operate. Bluetooth support means you can control the KICKR from a computer, tablet, or mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad. 
Two free Wahoo Fitness iOS apps (for the iPhone or iPad) enable you get started quickly: The Wahoo Utility enables you to quickly check the health of your KICKR and calibrate it. The Wahoo Fitness app controls the KICKR and reads Cadence and Heart Rate from an ANT+ (requires an ANT+ adapter for your iPhone/iPad) or Bluetooth device.
The KICKR also sends data, via ANT+, to your Garmin Edge or Garmin Forerunner so you can monitor and record your ride, and upload to Garmin Connect.
Training with Power adds an entire new dimension to your focus and ability, because it sets a concrete and concise target for your effort. Now you can set specific quantitative goals, and factor out slope, speed, and gearing in the process. Your Power training session is focused on Cadence and Power, the latter is controlled by the KICKR (when you set a target), and the former is variable and controlled by you.
There are so many directions to explore your KICKR training, and you really start to get a sense of how powerful the KICKR is with Trainer Road software (for Mac or PC) which supports the KICKR perfectly. Trainer Road includes access to dozens of workouts, of varying length and difficulty. The workouts essentially control the KICKR's Power, and you control the cadence. As you pedal you can see all the vital statistics of your ride on your compueter screen, including your heart rate and cadence which Trainer Road can read through either Bluetooth or ANT+ (with an ANT+ USB stick connected to your Mac or PC).
Just when you thought you were in cycling bliss, it gets even better: you can actually download cycle training videos that are synchronized to Trainer Road workouts, and are integrated directly into the Trainer Road display. The entire series of Sufferfest videos are available for Trainer Road. 
Here's one more tip: if you have a Mac, purchase an Apple TV for $99 so you can broadcast Trainer Road wirelessly from your Mac to a large screen TV or Projector via AirPlay, for a more immersive experience.
With the Wahoo Fitness KICKR, Trainer Road software, and Sufferfest videos, you will never want to leave your basement again!

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The KICKR has been reduced to $1,194.99:

Posted by Sean on September 21, 2013

What is the cost?

Posted by cheryl on July 19, 2013

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