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        Amino Acids - What They Do

        Amino Acids - What They Do

        Amino acids are the building blocks of life!  When we eat and digest a protein, our body breaks it up into individual amino acids and turns them into whatever our body needs at the time. But some amino acids are very unique in the way they are used in your body, especially when it comes to fitness.

        Athletes are most concerned with a group of three amino acids; leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.  This group is referred to Branched-chain Amino Acids (or BCAAs). These amino acids are used in ways that other aminos are not.

        Why are BCAAs so important?

        Improved Muscle Growth  

        Increased Endurance 

        Greater Fat Burn 

        Reduced Fatigue

        Increased Mental Focus

        Muscle Sparing

        Improved Recovery

        Reduced Muscle Soreness

        Improved Performance in Sports

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