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        Winter Energy Tips

        Most gels will react to the cold the same way, by thickening up as they get cold. For Canadian athletes, this could be a little problem. Here are a few tips that will help keep up your nutritional routine during winter sports and training:

        1. Keep your gels or chews in your pants pockets to keep them as warm as possible.
        2. Try the First Endurance EFS Shot gel; it does not have a gelling agent and is therefore more viscous. This is a high quality gel formulated for elite athletes, and it comes either in its own flask, or a refill bottle (you can purchase a flask separately)
        3. Try a chew instead; they take longer than gels to freeze up - and generally remain chewy all day if kept in your pants pockets. I like to take GU Chomps cross-country skiing. 
        4. Try eLoad Fly, which is essentially a flavourless carbohydrate-replacement drink. You can add it to your favourite electrolyte drink mix.
        5. For hydration, use a CamelBak with an Insulated Tube.
        Do you have your own suggestions? Please add them in the comments.