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    Athleti.ca is an honest-to-goodness mom and son shop in Montreal Canada. It's a labor of love, with the right nutrition to fuel our collective appetites for pushing our bodies to the limits.

    We are a sports family located in Montreal, Canada; we're out there every chance we get, running, biking, swimming, ocr training, climbing, skiing & snowboarding. Endurance & fitness is a part of our daily lives. 

    athleti.ca is here to make our lives easier for triathletes, Spartan Race athletes, ultra runners, & tough mudder athletes and all endurance athletes alike, offering bulk sport nutrition, with a full range of endurance supplements and training accessories to buy us time, track your progress, and increase your energy levels and save our cars for more important things. It's a labour of love to fuel Canadian athletes! We hope you enjoy shopping at athleti.ca, and that it makes a little difference in your life.

    Have fun out there!

    How to get in touch with us:

    info@athleti.ca | 1-888-388-8609 | Canada