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    The Best Fitness Equipment for Triathlon Training

    When training for a triathlon, you are not only testing your physical fitness but your physical and mental endurance. Triathlons consist of swimming, cycling, and running, meaning you will need to train in a variety of ways to achieve success in all areas. At Athleti.ca, we offer a range of fitness equipment in Canada to help you achieve these goals at home and the gym.

    Below are three pieces of equipment to help you get through your training.

    Rowing Machines

    If you do not have access to a pool in the gym you belong to, the rowing machine is your next best bet. They work your back, chest, and posterior deltoids similar to if you were swimming. The press away with your legs is like each kick in the water. It would help if you spent at least 15-20 minutes on this machine.

    Elevated Treadmills

    To train for the rough terrain of your triathlon, you want to use a treadmill with considerable elevations to simulate the various hills you may encounter. This will help your body get used to the shift in terrain as it happens naturally on the course.

    A GPS Running Watch

    Having a high-quality GPS running watch on your wrist can help you track your results and see the numbers on where you may need to improve. You will also be able to compare all of your data to see how you have improved over time to track your progress leading up to the event.

    The Benefits of Caffeine for Endurance Athletes

    The Benefits of Caffeine for Endurance Athletes

    Coffee is a great way to get a quick boost of energy, and an estimated 80% of people drink it daily. For an athlete, coffee and other sources of caffeine can help improve performance and prolong endurance. Though no amount of caffeine can compensate a poor diet, it can be a significant boost if you are already properly fueling yourself.

    The Benefits of Caffeine

    Drinking a cup of coffee before you exercise can help you work harder without even realizing it. For endurance athletes, your performance can be enhanced by 1-3% after just one cup. Though an athlete’s response to caffeine can vary, it has proven to be an excellent choice to give endurance cyclists or runners that necessary jolt of energy. There are potential side effects of caffeine, depending on how your system processes it, so listen to your body when drinking coffee or energy drinks.

    The Best Caffeine Sources for Athletes

    Since the caffeine in coffee and tea varies, many athletes opt for pills or supplements for the extra boost. For a 150-pound athlete, the recommended dose is 200 mg an hour before exercising. At Athleti.ca, we offer a variety of caffeinated supplements from brands such as Nuun, Cliff, and GU to help keep you going through the most rigorous of training exercises. Shop online today for all of your endurance nutrition in Quebec to properly fuel your routine.

    The Benefits of Electrolytes

    Electrolytes consist of minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. These minerals are responsible for stimulating your muscles and nerves, while also helping to regulate the number of fluids throughout your body. When you work out, you lose fluids and electrolytes, especially sodium. Though many people get plenty of these minerals through a balanced diet, your body is quickly depleted while you sweat.

    Electrolytes in Canada provide a variety of benefits. Not only do they help keep your bodily fluids balanced, but they help prevent dehydration. The sodium helps your body hold onto water so that you can stay hydrated longer during intensive workouts. Drinking water is essential for optimal performance, and if plain water is not cutting it, electrolyte-infused water may be what you need.

    When it comes to general hydration, women should consume about 9 cups of fluid while men need 12 cups per day. You also want to drink around two cups of water before any physical activity, and at least 1 cup per 20 minutes of activity. If you are considering using electrolytes for your every-day workout, be sure to check the amount and type of minerals the product contains. You do not want to exceed the recommended daily intake for sodium, which is 1,500 milligrams.

    At Athleti.ca, we offer a variety of electrolyte and hydration products suitable for all of your needs. Shop all of our great products today so you can get the most out of your training.

    Welcome to Our Blog

    Welcome to Our Blog

    Athleti.ca is your one-stop shop for your triathlon and athletic training needs. Our store has everything from fitness accessories to hydration and electrolytes in Canada. As a family-run store, we are dedicated to providing exceptional products and equipment to Canadian athletes to help make their life and training easier.

    Whether you visit the gym every day after work or are training for your next triathlon, there is something for everybody at our online store. Our family has always had a strong interest in sports, and we want to help athletes push their limits in the same way we do. We offer an accessible and affordable way to obtain all of your athletic gear and supplies. Whether you need a GPS running watch or a bulk supply of energy bars, our store has you covered.

    We offer a variety of consumer-favorite brands so you can get a quality product at a price you can afford. We also sell many items in bulk, so you never have to worry about a dwindling supply. Simply grab what you need and begin your training! Our store carries a variety of vegan options so those with dietary restrictions can enjoy our great products and prices.

    When you need to stock up on athletic supplies and gear, look no further than Athleti.ca. Our family run store carries everything you need, whether you are training for a triathlon, cross-fit, or strength conditioning.