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    Hüma Energy Gel Plus

    Huma Energy gels

    Combines 100% all-natural ingredients and are made with real fruit, making Hüma the best-tasting energy gels on the market. Finally say goodbye to those upset tummy aches!

    Huma Energy Gels Plus = Energy + Double the Electrolytes


    Directions: 1 Packet 15 minutes prior to exercise. 1 Packet every 30-45 minutes during exercise. Always consume with water.

    **swipe pictures for nutritional card**

    Hüma, realizes that sometimes athletes need additional electrolytes. They added the PLUS gels to their Huma lineup — Doubling the amount of electrolytes in a single energy gel

    Double your Electrolytes: Huma took the Original Hüma Gel formula and doubled the electrolytes so that you can replace sports drinks and other electrolyte replacements with a gel that is 100% all-natural and great tasting! The electrolytes originate from all-natural sources like sea salt and coconut water.


    Huma exhaustively reviewed the scientific research and pestered sports nutritionists to get answers to the big questions: what are the ideal amounts per serving? What's the ideal ratio? And will this make us better looking? (answer: maybe, if you're really dehydrated)

    Once Huma had answers to what they needed, it was applied to the same obsessive focus on the question of how they could get it. 


    Coconut Water. Sea Salt. Chia Seeds.

    They're as natural as you get, so you know they won't cause you stomach problems. Which is great, since these ingredients are fantastic all-natural sources of Potassium, Sodium, and Magnesium—the electrolytes you need when you're crushing an endurance adventure. 

    Hüma PLUS has the ideal ratio of each ingredients to provide you with peak natural performance. 

    With Hüma PLUS energy gels, you can replace those sports drinks!