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    Steadyrack Fender Bike Rack

    Combining all of the design benefits of the Classic Rack, including 180 degrees pivot movement feature, Steadyrack Fender Bike Rack accommodates bikes with fenders or mudguards easily. Now you can safely and securely store your bike without any heavy lifting and maximize your storage efficiency with the Steadyrack Fender Rack.

     Fender Rack is suited for:

    Any bikes with or without fenders
    Tires up to max 2.4 inches wide
    Wheels between 20" and 29"
    Time Trial Frames
    Max weight = 25kg
      Whether you’re in need of one or multiple Fender Racks, our guides and install manuals make installation on almost any wall easy! To use our vertical bike racks, simply pull down the top arm, push your bike into the rack and pivot from side-to-side.