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    Box of 24 Bars: 30g each bar

    There are 2 awesome types of Energy Mixed Boxes available:

    Energy Mix (previously called Fruit2) with 24 Bars:

    • 8 Strawberry
    • 8 Orange
    • 8 Apricot

    Ultimate Boost Mix (previously called Fruit3) with 24 Bars:

    • 12 Blackcurrant (Caffeinated)
    • 12 E-Beet

    These all natural fruit bars aren't chewy but stay soft and melt in your mouth even without water, making them easy to swallow even during more intense effort levels. 

    ✓ Easy to eat, swallow and digest
    ✓ Small compact format, ideal for on-the-go feeding
    ✓ Stays soft, melts in your mouth, even in extreme cold


    For activities > 1 hour, eat 1 bar every 30-45 minutes.


    Swipe Pictures for Nutrition Facts

    • Blackcurrant: Sugars (apple pulp, blackcurrant pulp, strawberry pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), salt, guarana extract (caffeine), grape extract, dipotassium phosphate, pectin, lemon juice
    • E-Beet: sugars (beet pulp, apple pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), concentrated beet juice, lemon juice, agar, salt, grape extract, natural apple flavour, mineral mix
    • Orange: Sugars (apple pulp, apricot pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), apricot natural flavour, pectin, lemon juice
    • Apricot: Sugars (apple pulp, orange pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), orange natural flavour, pectin, lemon juice, anthocyanins, curcumin, paprika extract
    • Strawberry: Sugars (apple pulp, strawberry pulp, sugar, glucose syrup) strawberry natural flavour, pectin, lemon juice, anthocyanins, paprika extract
    • Maple: Sugars (apple pulp, maple syrup, sugar, glucose syrup), lemon juice, pectin, apple natural flavour, natural flavour


    Q: How Does It Help You?
    A: It gives you a fruity energy boost to help you continue enjoying your favourite sporting activity, and is a source of rapidly digestible carbohydrates for endurance sports. For activities 2 hours or more, take 1 bar every 30 minutes.

    Q: What Is It Like?
    A: It really tastes of fruit. You can taste the apricot.  can taste the orange.  You can taste the strawberry. When you bite into a the bar, the fruity taste jumps right out at you; the taste explodes in your mouth.

    Q: Why Energy Fruit Bar Taste So Great?
    A: The bars  are real food. They are made from fresh fruit that is cooked, a bit like jam, and the bare minimum of other ingredients are added; sugar to make sure you get just the right amount of energy per bar. This makes the bars very efficient; packing 100 kCals of energy into one 30 g bar, making it ideal to keep you going without punishing your taste buds. Because Fruit Energy Bars are real food, they have great texture, no gloopy stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth business! Yes it's great to hydrate when you eat, but with them you don't need to right away, even during intense physical activity.