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    Introducing Hip Resistance Bands by Lebert Fitness

    ATTENTION TRAINERS AND GYM OWNERS: Offered in a Bulk Pack of 10 Hip Resistance Bands individually packaged
    Looking to tone, strengthen or simply warm up those glutes? The Lebert Hip Resistance band is just what you’re looking for! Made from high quality cotton/polyester blends, the Lebert Hip Resistance band can withstand even the most rigorous of workouts and is fully machine washable.


    • Activate your Hips/Glutes
    • Strengthen/Tone targeted areas
    • Use while doing other exercises to increase effectiveness
    • Increase Mobility

    PRO TIP: Hip Resistance Bands are also a great tool for warming up/activating your shoulders. Just place the band around your wrists and gently walk your hands up & down (or laterally) through resistance.


    • Value Pack includes: 10 Hip Resistance Bands
    • Dimensions: 14” x 3.5”
    • Individually Packaged