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    Previously called Fruit3: The tasty alternative to energy gels.

    Box of 24 Bars: 30g each

    Blackcurrant : With Caffeine: 50 mg, Sodium, Potassium & Antioxidants
    The tasty alternative to energy gels & chews XACT ENERGY, a more natural way for you to replenish your energy so that you can keep going faster or longer, or even both. XACT ENERGY is made from natural ingredients, tastes great, is easy to eat and easily digestible.

    ✓ Easy to eat, swallow and digest
    ✓ Small compact format, ideal for on-the-go feeding
    ✓ Stays soft, melts in your mouth, even in extreme cold


    Eat 1 bar every 30-45 minutes before & during activity.


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    Blackcurrant: Sugars (apple pulp, blackcurrant pulp, strawberry pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), salt, guarana extract (caffeine), grape extract, dipotassium phosphate, pectin, lemon juice

     XACT nutrition energy bar caffeine


    A: It gives you a fruity energy boost to help you continue enjoying your favourite sporting activity, and is a source of rapidly digestible carbohydrates for endurance sports. For activities 2 hours or more, take 1 bar every 30 minutes.

    A: It really tastes of fruit. You can taste the apricot. You can taste the orange.  You can taste the strawberry. When you bite into a Fruit2 bar, the fruity taste jumps right out at you; the taste explodes in your mouth.

    Q: Why Makes XACT Fruit Energy Bars Taste So Great?
    A: The bars  are real food. They are made from fresh fruit that is cooked, a bit like jam, and the bare minimum of other ingredients are added; sugar to make sure you get just the right amount of energy per bar. This makes the bars very efficient; packing 100 kCals of energy into one 30 g bar, making it ideal to keep you going without punishing your taste buds. Because Fruit Energy Bars are real food, they have great texture, no gloopy stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth business! Yes it's great to hydrate when you eat, but with them you don't need to right away, even during intense physical activity.