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        Refuel the Easy Way! Blog — Sports Drinks - Refuel the Easy Way!

        Sports Nutrition and Endurance Training Store 

        As an athlete, you want to ensure your performance is top-notch and that you are getting the most out of your workouts. When you are looking to enhance your training, our Sports Nutrition and Fitness Store in Canada is your one-stop shop for your endurance nutrition, hydration, and fitness training needs. Whether you hit the gym seven days a week or are training for your next triathlon, we offer the supplies you need to take your fitness to the next level.

          Endurance nutrition superstore is family-run company. As a sports family in Montreal, we are always pushing our limits and want to help other athletes do the same. From running and biking to cross-fit and strength training, we offer a variety of fitness equipment in Canada to satisfy everyone’s athletic needs.


        Our online Nutrition, Hydration and Training store in Canada offers a variety of industry and consumer-favorite brands and products. Our goal is to make your life easier, offering nutritional options in bulk so you can focus more on training and less on your dwindling supply. We also provide a variety of vegan options to cater to athletes of dietary preferences.


        Our sports nutrition superstore in Canada is the most accessible and most affordable way to buy all of your athletic supplies. We offer only the best products and equipment at prices that fit your budget. Shop at today for the best nutrition, hydration, and fitness equipment in Canada.

        Amino Acids - What They Do

        Amino Acids - What They Do

        Amino acids are the building blocks of life!  When we eat and digest a protein, our body breaks it up into individual amino acids and turns them into whatever our body needs at the time. But some amino acids are very unique in the way they are used in your body, especially when it comes to fitness.

        Athletes are most concerned with a group of three amino acids; leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.  This group is referred to Branched-chain Amino Acids (or BCAAs). These amino acids are used in ways that other aminos are not.

        Why are BCAAs so important?

        Improved Muscle Growth  

        Increased Endurance 

        Greater Fat Burn 

        Reduced Fatigue

        Increased Mental Focus

        Muscle Sparing

        Improved Recovery

        Reduced Muscle Soreness

        Improved Performance in Sports

          can offer various supplements that include BCAAs easily and affordably.

        Eat to win: secrets of success

        What does it take to fuel your engine like a champion? If you’d like get the 'real deal' on nurturing success and live a day in an athlete’s shoes (and food pantry), read on… Here’s a sneak peak at some feeding rituals that allow fellow sport enthusiasts to savour the benefits of an athletic lifestyle and sound nutrition!

        • When asked about the must-haves in the fridge and lunch box, our panel of interviewees responded (in order of importance) : greek yogurt, oatmeal and bagels, bananas and dried mangoes, veggies and rice crackers with hummus and tofu dip, fish, peanut butter and maple syrup, caffeine (!), dark chocolate and fruit chews (!!). What are your favorite items at the grocery store?

        • In sharing advice with regards to eating/exercise, the group suggested: not being fearful of eating to give the body what it needs to excel, breaking down barriers and going beyond the limits we may set for ourselves (nothing is impossible…) and considering consulting a professional dietitian get tips to support training and everyday life. Are you optimizing your chances for success?

        • As for tracking down credible and user-friendly information on sports nutrition, this select sample of clients recommended: going straight to the source and finding a dietitian to team up with, websites (,, magazines (Triathlon Magazine Canada), amongst other sources. What are your favorites?
        • In order to give in to their guilty pleasures without giving up and keeping hunger under control, these gurus tend to: make sure not to skip meals nor snacks and keep to a tight routine, treat themselves only after events (as a reward!), have nutritious foods at arm’s reach, consume foods in moderation, maintain adequate hydration… Readers: do you have any tips to share?

        • Finally, with regards to sports supplements, the athletes gave 5 stars to the following products : bars (Clif, PowerBar and Kronobar were the favorites), protein powder (Vega came in first), chews (Clif and Power Bar were worthy of their attention), gels (Honey Stinger was the first choice) and brews (such as First Endurance EFS). Check out the wide selection of sports nutrition products on!

        Let yourself get carried away in the health-nut craze: it’s worth a taste! You’ll feel better and optimize your performance. Every bit and each bite matters, your body should be treated as a temple. Eating sensibly is contagious, spread the word!!! 

        *Special thanks to Bruno Langevin, Marc Bonds and Jimmy Gosselin for their insight, their time and trust as well as their inspiring stories.

        Sports drinks… worth a try?

        Many athletes swear by the added value of sports drinks, to supplement water intake during training. These liquid brews fuel physical effort and help maintain blood sugar and glycogen stores during exercise, and can provide precious calories and key nutrients before and after an intense workout. There are more than a few choices of sports drinks on the market, all trying to grab your attention and their place on your fitness grocery list. Here are the essential features you should look for in order to ensure that the sports drinks you buy are useful, nutritious and adapted to your endurance needs :  

        • The beverage in question should provide at least ½ litre (500 millilitres or 2 cups) of water for the suggested serving size to satisfy your thirst and ensure optimal hydration. 
        • If you are expecting your drink to provide an energy boost, it should contain  carbohydrates in  concentrations  of 4 to 8%, which corresponds to about 20 to 40 grams of carbs per half-liter (500 millilitres or 2 cups) of brew. You can also use gels, chews, energy bars or tablets to get your carbs. Look for different kinds of carbohydrates, each with a specific speed of absorption and ease of digestion; there are simple sugars (the –ose family: glucose, fructose, dextrose…) or complex ones (maltodextrins or starches).
        • The ideal product would also include electrolytes in sufficient quantities to allow you to take in 100 to 400 milligrams each of sodium and potassium in the offered format.
        • Certain versions have caffeine (or guarana, maca, etc.) for increased alertness and performance, although its stimulating effects can cause a rise in blood pressure, an increase in heartbeat and some nervousness; be aware that individual tolerance may vary.
        • A few kinds of sports drinks have glutamine, branched chain and other amino acids (they are the building blocks of protein) to nourish your muscles that undergo micro-tears during physical activity, this can be of added value when training lasts more than 2 hours.

        Give sports drinks a chance, they may be the secret to assisting you in performance, fighting fatigue and preventing the infamous bonk! Once thirst and hunger set in, it is already too late… Better off planning ahead! Have fun training and cheers to your health!!!